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Care Specialties

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Fertility, Pregnancy and Postpartum

With her unique fusion of education and experience as a mother and health provider for 30 years, Samantha is able to assist with preparation prior to conception, keeping mama healthy during pregnancy and supporting mama and baby after birth.

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Coastside Birth Plan

Samantha creates an individualized Coastside Birth Plan which encapsulates your story, and delineates the optimal Village of Support team of birth professionals to optimally serve you.

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Families benefit from Samantha’s 30 years of of parenting and teaching experience.

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Pain & Stress Management

By fusing Ancient Traditional Wisdoms and Therapeutic Body techniques you will experience a sense of mindful presence as you re-emerge into the world, renewed.

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Herbal Medicine

Samantha creates handmade herbal oils, ointments, liniments, salves, syrups, teas, and steam herbals to address individual ailments, pain and stress to facilitate quality of life.

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Women's Health

Samantha provides therapeutic treatment, teaches yoga and self care, and offers counsel to all women from youth to child-bearing aged to postmenopausal ages.

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Loss & Healing

Through spiritual healing, counsel and treatment, Samantha supports families with terminally ill loved ones and those who have lost babes.



 Whether a Spiritual Healing, Parent/Mama Blessing, a Baby Blessing, Baby Naming, Coming of Age – Menarche Ceremony, or A Loss Ceremony, every ceremony is individualized, unique, and thoughtfully created.

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Lifestlye Counseling

Samantha offers the perspective of the Ancient Traditional Wisdoms in bringing balance to a fast-paced, western world.

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