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Coastside Birth Plan

Creating the Village of Support for YOUR Optimal Birth Experience!

​Samantha listens as you and your birth partner describe your optimal fertility, prenatal, birth, and postpartum hopes. She creates a Coastside Birth Plan, based upon your individualized health, birth, and familial story.

After our consultation you Samantha will create your Coastside Birth Plan which tells your story, and delineates the optimal Coastside Birth Plan Village of Support team of birth professionals. The recommended team is designed to optimally serve you and offer a full spectrum model of care vital in your parenting journey. Next our Village of Support professionals individually contact you to discuss their services, availability, fees, and contracts. This direct contact allows you the opportunity to speak with them and reserve their time, for when you will need them.

Our Village of Support continues to collaborate through your story, to ensure your family stays whole and healthy.​

Contact Samantha with three dates and times best for you and your birth partner to speak either speak on the phone or arrange an in-person meeting.

Set aside 60 minutes for consultation discussion, and 30 minutes to reintegrate, afterwards.

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